contact Arabesque and provide full details of your requirements though most travel companies who offer tours to Oman use 'stock photos' we prefer to use photographs taken by us read about places in Oman which we visit, often with our clients, or events we have attended Oman Tours Desert Mountain
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Friday is the main Religious day in Oman - many places of interest are closed, as they are on a Sunday in other countries
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Tours in Oman offered by us include Muscat City Trips ;  for an insight into an area take one of our Overnight Night Tours; and our Longer Tours of Oman could cover much of the Sultanate. If you wish to take a road tour from Dubai to Oman we have suggestions.

As our management live in Oman they travel throughout the country, on a regular basis. This means that if you are going to a place, we have already been there; and as you will learn if you read our blog about Oman we do get to some of Oman’s more remote and interesting locations. If you wish us to book all your stay in Oman we can meet you at Muscat Airport and book your hotel, provide tours and when its time to return home take you back to Muscat Airport.

Some suggestions are ideal as Family Tours of Oman . Join us in Oman, for a few hours or longer and so we can introduce you to our home.

Our tours can form the core of extended a holiday in Oman - from meeting you at Muscat Airport and booking your Muscat hotel to returning you again to the airport we can organise your complete holiday in Oman.
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